About us

Mystical Journeys has been the leading provider of customized pilgrimage and religious likewise solo & group tours in India. With a strong focus on spiritualism and our aim is to allow our guests to explore the traditions of India in a spirit of exploration, with a combination of historical, traditional, cultural, scenic variety mixed for your journey. We are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality; combining our energy and enthusiasm with our years of experience. We work diligently with our team of dynamic professionals, whose sole purpose is to provide greatest satisfaction which comes in serving our esteemed clients who will then experience the joys and inspiration of travel.

Ever since our travel agency was established in year 2000, Mystical Journeys has concentrated all its efforts in producing quality travel programs, responding to the needs of current times while anticipating the demands of the future.

Mystical Journeys (India) Pvt. Ltd. was set up to further spiritual, cultural and adventure travel in the country; it is a tour company that leads the intrepid traveler to the horizon where astrology, culture and adventure meet. In doing this we provide an alternative way to experience India for people who are thus inclined. We organize all sorts of services like Astrology & yoga conferences, spiritual tours & journey through Himalaya, trekking, (which includes yagya, Pooja if they desire) Ayurveda and also we do specialised Kumbh Mela tours as per clientele demand.

Mystical Journeys (India) Pvt Ltd has a strong network of educationalists, spirituals Saints & holy people, yoga and meditation teachers – allowing us to create thoughtfully designed itineraries and expertly guided tours. We take pride in our service excellence and surpassing customer expectations and we know this through the feedbacks we’ve got from our clients over the years.