Fixed Tours

Our fixed departure tour is a combination of individual and group tours to visit places of Indian spiritualism and all India destinations of the fairs and festivals according to the itineraries created by our expertise and constant feedback from our ever loyal clientele. Under these types of tours, travelers have a fixed departure date and itinerary as per the schedule of activities; also there are so many destinations for wildlife, cultural experiences and Himalayan regions to explore. Our fixed guided holidays are specially designed to ensure that you discover your destination in the best possible way; perhaps even in ways you might not have experienced on your own.  

Kumbh Mela 2019
Kumbh Mela 2019


Delhi • Allahabad • Varanasi • Simikot

Moment of Life of India
Moment of Life of India

13 - 24 November, 2018

Delhi • Ajmer • Pushkar • Jaipur • Vrindavan • Varanasi • Vindhyachal

Mysterious South India
Mysterious South India

20 - 30 November

Delhi • Mumbai • Vaitheeswaran • Mamallapuram • Chennai • Srisailam • Hyderabad • Tiruvannamalai • Chettinadu • Madurai • Rameshwaram

Exclusive Tours

Exclusive Tours specializes in Unique, best in class programs; our expertise knowledge and vision provide you with the best selection quality and value. Our tour experts are happy to assist you in creating a personal, tailor-made tour package to interesting places in India with a wide range of experiences to suit your taste, interest and budget.

Whether you are planning for a spiritual tour, astrology & yoga conferences or journey through Himalaya trekking, (which includes yagya, Pooja if they desire) or get together with the culture and history of India. Our aim to tick off destinations on your ‘Best places to see in India’ wish list, along with customized packages, you are sure to experience private holidays tailor-made to perfection of our Exclusive Tours with Mystical journeys!